Two Women Arrested for Fighting in Stop & Shop

Two women were arrested at Stop & Shop on Tuesday after members of the Greenwich Police Dept were detailed to 161 West Putnam Ave on the report of a verbal and possible minor altercation between two female customers.

Olivia Milen, 60, of 124 W Ritch Ave #103 in Greenwich, claimed that she was first struck by a shopping cart that was being pushed by Susan Santora, 51, of 14 Hervey Street Apt A2. According to police an argument had taken place resulting in Ms. Milen’s left hand being grabbed and squeezed resulting in a minor injury.

Susan Santora claimed that she may have brushed by Olivia Milen with her shopping cart which then resulted in an argument between both parties. According to the police report Ms. Santora claimed Ms. Milen approached her with a finger pointed in her face and subsequently slapped her across the face.

A witness to the incident was located and verified that Ms. Milen had slapped Ms. Santora.

Based on the aforementioned facts and circumstances, b0th women were placed under arrest for Breach of Peace 2nd degree and have court dates on April 8.

Ms. Santora was released at the scene on a Misdemeanor summons and Ms. Milen was transported to Greenwich Police headquarters for processing.