Two Charged with Organized Retail Theft on Greenwich Ave

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 18, Greenwich Police responded to the area of Greenwich Avenue on a report of a shoplifting incident involving two people and a getaway driver who stole $27,915 worth of merchandise.

Police say Sheila Lyfaye Draine-Johnson, 53, of Mount Vernon, NY was positively identified as having facilitated the larceny trough distraction methods, attempting to draw store staff away from her and her co-conspirator. Police say she also fled from the store, away from staff and security.

Ms Draine-Johnson was located a short distance from the store and placed under arrest.

Additionally, police say during a search of Ms Draine-Johnson’s person after being arrested drug paraphernalia was discovered.

Also, charged was Damon Smith, 49, of Mount Vernon. Police say Smith attempted to flee on foot but was caught after a brief pursuit. Stolen merchandise was located on his person. All of the stolen merchandise was recovered.

Draine-Johnson and Smith were both charged with Conspiracy to Commit Organized Retail Theft $10,000+, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 1, Larceny 1 and Use of Drug Paraphernalia.

Draine-Johnson’s bond was set at $20,000 and she has a date in Stamford Superior Court on July 1, 2022.

Smith’s bond was set at $25,000 and he also has a date in Stamford Superior Court on July 1, 2022.