Tinted License Plate Leads to Arrest for Identity Theft

On July 27 Greenwich Police in the area of West Putnam Ave and Benedict Place stopped a car with a tinted license plate cover dark enough to obscure the license plate.

Investigation revealed that prior to the motor vehicle stop, the arrestee, Savion Sincere Garces, 20, of Pomona, NY, was inside a local business in central Greenwich where he presented a fraudulent New Jersey driver’s license and social security card to one of the employees in an effort to open a store credit card.

The New Jersey license and social security card were later deemed to be fraudulent and police determined Mr. Garces was impersonating the victim, using his personal identifying information to obtain a line of credit.

Police also found a fraudulent credit card with the victim’s name on it.

Mr. Garces was charged with Identity Theft 3, Criminal Impersonation, Forgery 2 (2 counts) Forgery 3.

He was able to post the required 10% of his $1,000 bond and was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on Aug 10, 2022.