Stamford Police Charge a Juvenile following 5-Month Swatting Investigation

Stamford Police Dept announced this week that their Family Services Division, and Criminal Investigations Division completed a five-month swatting investigation with the arrest of a juvenile offender from Maryland.

Swatting is a term used to describe the act of reporting a false critical incident for the purpose of causing a massive response by emergency service personnel.

On September 30, 2023, uniform Officers responded to a residence on Southfield Ave on a report of a bomb threat, later determined to be a swatting incident.  This call was the start of many emergency calls at this residence.

Over the next several months, this address would be “swatted” five different times. The details included cries for help with limited information, an active shooter, and a home invasion involving a firearm.

During this same time, Stamford Police dispatch received four emergency calls concerning Stamford High School. These swatting incidents involved the threat of an active shooter or a student with a firearm, and an explosive device hidden in the school. During this time, Stamford High School received a phone call which made mention of a bomb threat.

On each occasion, Emergency personnel deemed that there was no credible threat and thus these were swatting incidents. These incidents required a massive response including our Bomb Squad, K9 Units, plain cloths units, Fire, and EMS.

The incidents involving Stamford High School forced the school to be placed into lockdown on five different occasions. As these incidents were investigated, it was determined that the reasoning stemmed from the online gaming feud between juveniles.

The juvenile was charged with Threatening 1st Degree (7 counts), Conspiracy at Threatening 1st Degree (7 counts), Misuse of the Emergency 911 System (11 counts), and Falsely Reporting an incident 1st Degree (11 counts).

Greenwich has not been immune as a target for swatting. In October 2023, Greenwich Police alerted citizens that inaccurate and false information was circulating on social media regarding a violent robbery that allegedly took place at or near the Audubon Center.

“We want to assure you that this information is FALSE and no such incident has been reported or confirmed,” GPD said at the time.