Police Work Leads on Brazen Theft of Range Rover Outside Gofer Ice Cream

A group of residents gathered outside a popular ice cream shop and pizza parlor in Cos Cob were startled when a bold car theft took place.

It was still daylight around 7:45pm when a thief hopped in a Range Rover in the area of Gofer Ice Cream on April 29 and sped away.

According to Greenwich Police Deputy Chief Kraig Gray, the owner of the vehicle had stepped away from the car and was standing in the vicinity when he observed a suspect get into the car and drive away at a high rate of speed.

Of note, Gray said the vehicle was unlocked and and the keys left within.

“There was no contact,” Gray said, referring to the suspect and the owner of the Range Rover.

“Greenwich Police do have some leads and we’re continuing to work those leads with other law enforcement agencies,” Gray added.

Deputy Chief Gray reminded residents it is important to lock their cars and take their keys every time they park.

Last week, Lt O’Reilly said that while there has been a decrease in frequency of youth coming to Greenwich in the overnight hours from cities including Waterbury and Bridgeport to steal cars, there has been an uptick in the number of car thefts.

“Now it’s a more professional crew,” he said of the uptick in car thefts.

On May 4, around 8:00pm a Range Rover parked outside a restaurant on East Putnam Ave was stolen. It had also been left unlocked. Also, in the overnight hours between May 2 and 3, a 2019 Mercedes Benz GLA vanished from a driveway on Valley Rd in Cos Cob. The keys had been left in car.

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