Police Share Tips to Prevent Burglaries after Riverside Home Is Ransacked

Next Door Greenwich was buzzing this week about a residential burglary in the area of Sheephill Road.

According to Captain John Slusarz of Greenwich Police Dept, the residential burglary took place at a home on Sheephill, near the intersection of Thornhill.

The incident was reported on Feb 22.

According to Slusarz, “The resident returned home in the afternoon of February 22 and discovered that the home was ‘ransacked.’ An at-scene investigation revealed that unknown person(s) forced entry through the rear of the residence while nobody was home.”

The incident  is under investigation.

Slusarz explained that a “burglary” occurs when an unwanted person enters a building or residence to commit a crime. For example, Bob the Burglar breaks into John Doe Citizens house and steels jewelry from the bedroom.

Today’s burglars travel great distances to commit their crimes, often crossing state lines to thwart police.

Some of the tactics that Greenwich Police are employing are:

• High visibility patrol and traffic enforcement. The chance of getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation increases the risk that the criminal may be caught while going to or coming from a crime.

• Partnerships and information sharing between police at the local, state, and federal level helps identify and apprehend criminals outside Greenwich.

• Leveraging modern technologies, such as license plate readers, to notify police when known criminals enter the Town of Greenwich.

Tips to help avoid being a victim of a burglary:

• Lock your doors and windows when you are not at home and turn on the alarm when you leave.

• Put lights on timers and leave a radio or TV on to make it appear that someone is at home.

• Sign up on the Greenwich Police Departments Dark House list when going away on vacation or for business.

• Notify the police of any suspicious people or vehicles.