Pemberwick Man Arrested for Disorderly and Assault at 3:00am

At about 3:00am on Jan 4, Greenwich Police  were responded to a private residence on Hollow Wood Lane on the report of a dispute resulting in visible minor injuries.

Upon arrival, officers observed the victim of the dispute had multiple minor injuries.

Police observed the house to be neat and orderly, but displayed minor damage consistent with a physical altercation.

The victim related that Tonys Almendarez Rosales, 24, of 20 Hollow Wood Ln Greenwich, Basement apartment, had arrived at the residence intoxicated, argumentative and violent regarding a previous dispute.

Based on the victim’s statement, as well as physical evidence, Police determined that Mr. Rosales was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Assault 3rd degree. According to Police Mr. Rosales declined to post bond of $1,000 and has a court date the same day of the arrest.