Line up Your Designated Driver for New Year’s Eve Now

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State Police Christmas released their holiday enforcement stats for Operation SANTA, which stands for Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident.

Operation SANTA has meant extra troopers patrolling Connecticut roads as a major holiday accident and injury prevention measure.

Enforcement ran from Midnight on Dec. 23 through Midnight on Dec. 26, 2014.  Most of the tallies for accidents and moving violations increased over 2013,

Accidents:  279 (Up from 249 in 2013)
Accidents with injury: 38 (Up from 28 in 2013)
Accidents with fatalities:  1  Car vs. Pedestrian Beacon Falls (There were non in 2013)

Moving Violations
DUI arrests: 19 (Up from 18 in 2013)
Speeding: 243 (Down from 2013 when there were 301)
Seatbelt: 13 (Up from just 4 in 2013)
Hazardous Moving Violations*: 706  (Up from 601 in 2013)

*(tailgaiting, distracted driving, cell phones, etc.)

Troopers observed a high traffic volume over the 2014 Christmas holiday. This State Police will continue the effort through out the state through the New Year’s Eve with enforcement patrols on both highways and secondary roads.

In addition, sobriety checkpoints will also be set up in an effort to deter anyone from the consumption of alcohol and driving as we approach and celebrate the New Year.

State police request that should anyone see a suspected drunk driver to please call 911 and immediately report it.


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