Greenwich Police Union Endorses Fazio for State Senate

Greenwich Police Silver Shield Association has endorsed a second local Republican candidate, Ryan Fazio who is challenging Alex Kasser for the State Senate seat in the 36th district.

Back on Sept 15, the police union, which represents almost 150 active members, endorsed Republican State Rep candidate Kimberly Fiorello.

Lieutenant Louis Pannone, Officer Tom Huestis, Ryan Fazio, Sergeant Craig Zottola, Master Police Officer Brian Tornga. contributed photo

In their announcement on Monday, Silver Shield said their Executive Board recently met with Fazio to discuss his vision and position of the 2020
Connecticut Police Reform Act (H.B. 6004), An Act Concerning Police Accountability.

“We are confident that Ryan is the right person to represent our values and livelihood in Hartford,” said Louis Pannone, Silver Shield president in the union’s announcement.

The union shared a quote from Fazio, who said he was honored by the endorsement.

“I realize that this historic endorsement is not one that our police in Greenwich take lightly, but viewed as necessary to advocate for the safety of officers and the general public,” he was quoted saying.

“The radical de-policing Bill passed in the dead of night in the Connecticut state legislature this summer must be repealed and replaced for everyone’s sake,” Fazio continued. “Greenwich police are highly-skilled, professional, and empathetic. They are committed to community policing and protecting everyone’s rights equally. That’s why I am glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. We must deliver public safety and equal protection under law by bringing change to our state government and supporting our excellent local police in Greenwich.”

Statement from Silver Shield:

“Ryan Fazio is a Greenwich native who attended the public schools and has lived, worked, and volunteered here most of his life. He understands our community and the important contributions that the Greenwich police have woven into the fabric of our town.”

As we’ve previously stated, our Association is frustrated with the process in which the rushed-through Bill was presented and voted into law, by the lack of meaningful input from law enforcement, and by the deaf ears of those legislators who chose not to listen to our concerns for a properly crafted Bill to benefit everyone.”

“Ryan Fazio is pro-police and public safety, and has pledged to support all law enforcement by seeking to overturn or modify those portions in the Bill that negatively impact law enforcement officers, the pubic, and the communities that we faithfully serve. It has become a matter of urgency for us to take a vested interest in our representation in Hartford, and Ryan is the person who will deliver it. Ryan knows the police are ‘the good guys’
and sees through the out of control nationwide anti-police movement that wants an educated public to believe otherwise.

“Unlike the many elected officials who, due to this Bill, have placed all law enforcement in difficult and life-changing positions, Ryan Fazio will fight for all to make it right so that all of Connecticut is protected with the best law enforcement possible.”

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