Greenwich Police: Juvenile Arrested After Incident Involving Motorized Scooters

Greenwich Police arrested a teenager over the holiday weekend after attempts to stop two suspects who were committing several traffic violations on motorized scooters.

The incident happened on Saturday, July 6 around 6:30pm when police said two suspects failed to obey the signal of officers to stop.

Police say the suspects had entered a living complex that was heavily populated civilians and operated the motorized scooters in a manner that endangered the safety of everyone they passed in the complex.

The arrest report says the location of the incident was in the area of Lockwood Rd and Lockwood Lane in Riverside.

According to the arrest report, one of the suspects eventually fell off the scooter after driving it directly at one of the officers.

The suspect fled as officers gave chase, but was eventually apprehended.

The suspect initially resisted being handcuffed, but was ultimately cuffed and transported to the police station without further issue.

The suspect, age 16, whose name was not released given the juvenile status, was charged with:

Operating/Parks Unregistered Motor Vehicle
Illegal Operation Motor Vehicle without Minimum Insurance
Traveling Unreasonably Fast
Reckless Driving
Disobeying Signal of Officer
Failure to Drive in Proper Lane (3 counts
Improper Operation – Bicycle/Tricycle
Improper Op of Motor Driven Cycle
Operating Motor Driven Cycle without License
Face Protection-Motorcycle (Failure to wear goggles, glasses or a face shield)
Operating Passenger under 18 No Helmet (Protective headgear for motorcycle or motor-driven cycle operators)
Failure to Obey Stop Sign (4 counts)

The juvenile has a date in Stamford Superior Court on July 15, 2024.