Greenwich Police and Fire Depts Respond to Weekend Report of White Powder in Mailboxes

Greenwich Police say they received a report of a white powdery substance found in mailboxes over the weekend.

One mailbox was on Booth Terrace and one was in Armstrong Court.

The powder appeared some time between 4:00pmon Friday and 10:00amon Saturday morning.

Both the Greenwich Police and the Fire Departments responded, because, according to Lt Slusarz, it was not apparent what exactly the substance was, and a procedure that reflects an abundance of caution was followed.

“The fire department determined that the powder was from a fire extinguisher,” he said. “Someone during the evening had gotten hold of a fire extinguisher and sprayed it inside a few mailboxes. After it dried up, it (turned into) a white powder,” he said, adding that residents became concerned.

“Usually we see this type of thing around Halloween,” Slusarz continued, adding that the Police and Fire departments invest significant resources in situations like this.