GPD: What Went Missing over the Weekend in Greenwich

On Sunday morning Greenwich Police received a report that an unlocked vehicle on Lockwood Lane in Riverside had been rummaged through during the overnight hours between Saturday and Sunday.

On the same night a motor vehicle was rummaged through on Cos Cob Avenue.

The owners of a third vehicle, this one located on Pleasant Street, also reported a Larceny.

There was a fourth Larceny on Friday night from a motor vehicle on the 13th. In that incident, a witness reported  seeing a suspect rummaging through cars on Hines Lane, a dead end off Cary Road.

Lastly, a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee which was left with the keys inside was stolen on the 13th from Apache Place.

In a more bizarre crime, though one that has been reported previously in Greenwich, on April 13 police received a report of a theft of used cooking oil from Citarella at 600 West Putnam Ave.