GPD: Uptick in “Professional” Thefts of Motor Vehicles

Greenwich Police announced two more motor vehicle thefts.

According to Lt O’Reilly there has been a decrease in frequency of youth coming to Greenwich in the overnight hours from cities including Waterbury and Bridgeport to steal cars.

“Now it’s a more professional crew,” he said of the uptick in car thefts.

In the overnight hours between May 2 and 3, a 2019 Mercedes Benz GLA vanished from a driveway on Valley Rd in Cos Cob. The keys had been left in car.

On May 4, around 8:00pm a Range Rover parked outside a restaurant on East Putnam Ave was stolen. It had also been left unlocked.

In addition there were two incidents of thefts from motor vehicles.

In an incident on Cognewaugh, residents heard a dog barking around 1:00am. According to Lt O’Reilly, residents went outside and looked around, but didn’t see anything suspicious. In the morning they realized items had been stolen from inside the vehicle.

Then, in a separate incident on Valley Road, residents woke up on May 3 and found the door of their car open and items taken from inside the vehicle.

O’Reilly said the resident’s Ring camera video showed a car pull up at 1:52am up and a male exit his car and walk to the resident’s vehicle, then open the driver’s door and go through the car before running back to his car and driving away. O’Reilly said the video was not clear enough to identify the suspect.

From January 1, 2022 to May 5, there have been 51 stolen vehicles from Greenwich, most had been left unlocked with keys inside.