GPD: Stolen Cars and Thefts from Cars – All Unlocked Over the Weekend

Greenwich Police announced on Monday that the weekend saw three vehicles stolen and several larcenies from motor vehicles.

All stolen cars and thefts from cars were unlocked. 

Three cars were stolen cars during the overnight hours including a Ford Expedition stolen from Riverside. It was recovered on Will Road.

A Lincoln was stolen from East Putnam Ave during the day while the owner was shopping. The case is under investigation.

Also, a Jeep Cherokee was stolen from Sheephill Rd. It was recovered by Police in Norwalk and juveniles have been charged. There were seven larcenies from motor vehicles, and six of them were related to the stolen Jeep from Sheephill and the Ford stolen from Riverside.

Lt Zuccerella said several of the larcenies from motor vehicles had nothing stolen.

“Suspects could have been checking for the keys and saw nothing to take,” he said. “One had fishing equipment stolen. One vehicle had a bag of household items and a laptop taken.”

Greenwich Police have asked residents countless times to lock their cars and bring their valuables inside. Lock It or Lose it.