GPD Patrol Car Sideswiped by Stolen Car; Cops Warn Thieves Regularly Check for Open Doors

Greenwich Police are urging residents to take their keys and lock their cars following two separate incidents involving stolen cars last week: one at midnight and the other in the later afternoon, where officers spotted and attempted to stop a stolen motor vehicle.

In one incident, the officer tried to block the suspect’s car. However, when the officer exited the vehicle, the stolen car drove across the front of a private residence, sideswiped the police cruiser, and fled the area. The officers tried to stop the car as it left town via the Merritt Parkway.

The second incident occurred in the Central Business District during the late afternoon. Again, when officers attempted to block the vehicle, the suspect made an unsafe and reckless maneuver and fled to I-95.

“In each case, the suspects were checking for open doors to vehicles. If the keys are inside, the thief steals your car,” police said.

Greenwich Police advise residents their keys should be left at home, and not in the garage or in a car parked in a garage.

When shopping, police say residents should take their keys and lock their doors, even if they’re running into a store quickly.

“The thieves operating in Greenwich and the surrounding towns look for these easy targets,” Police said. “Several vehicles have been stolen in this manner.”

Police also said they’ve been taking proactive steps to curb the amount of car thefts in town, including hiring extra officers and using different tactics during the hours of the thefts, obtaining grants, leveraging technology, networking with other agencies, and public awareness.

Police say they have disrupted several car thefts in the past year, and officers encounter stolen vehicles in the Town frequently.

Surrounding Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey towns all are experiencing the same issue of easy targets and thieves who want to steal your property.

Report suspicious activity any time to (230) 622-8004 (24 hours). To make a confidential report about criminal activity occurring in Greenwich email [email protected] or call (203) 622-3333.