GPD Charge Bronx Woman for Phishing Scam Targeting a Riverside Resident

On December 20 Greenwich Police traveled to Rikers Island to arrest a Bronx, NY woman on an outstanding warrant for multiple crimes related to a phishing scam stemming in November 2021.

According to Greenwich Police Dept’s Lieutenant Patrick Smyth, the phishing scam targeted one Riverside individual via compromised or phony e-mail. 

Police charged Alondra Maracallo, now 25, with Electronic Mail Message Phishing, Conspiracy to Commit Electronic Mail Message Phishing, Larceny 1, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 1, Criminal Impersonation, Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Impersonation, Computer Crime 1 and Conspiracy to Commit Computer Crime 1.

Maracallo’s bond was set at $250,000. She was held in custody of GPD and has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Jan 3, 2023.