Retired Greenwich Police Detective Dies at 49

Chief James Heavey regrets to announce the death of recently retired Detective Robert McKiernan. Detective McKiernan began his 23 year career with the Greenwich Police Dept on April 14, 1997, and retired in February of this year. He was 49 years old.

Born in Connecticut on June 13, 1970, Detective McKiernan served in the US Marine Corps from 1988 to 1992, where he achieved the rank of Corporal.

While in the Marine Corps he served as an Aircrew/Door Gunner on CH-46E helicopters while deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, West Africa, and the Mediterranean. Detective McKiernan graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Justice and Law Administration in 1996.

Detective McKiernan’s career included assignments as Patrol Officer, Accident Car Investigator, Neighborhood Resource Officer (now known as Community Impact Officer), and Detective.

In 2012 he was cross-deputized as a federal agent and assigned as a Task Force Officer for an FBI Financial Crimes Task Force in New Haven.

McKernan received the Greenwich Police Dept Chief’s Commendation five times, was Officer of the Month three times, and received a Medal for Outstanding Service from the Connecticut State Police.

In 2007, then Neighborhood Resource Officer McKiernan was awarded the Greenwich Lions Club, Dr. John Clarke Police Officer of the Year award for the excellent work he and his fellow officers completed that year to improve the Greenwich community.

From the Connecticut US Attorney’s Office, he received four Awards of Recognition and was designated the Task Force Officer of the Year in 2016.

“Detective McKernan’s passion for seeking out the truth for victims of crime was second to none,” Chief Heavey said. “Detective McKiernan exemplified the core values of the Greenwich Police Department with his dedication, diligence, service, fairness, and respect to everyone he encountered.”

McKernan is survived by his wife and three sons.