Following Car Break-Ins, Greenwich Police Search for Suspect Who Fled on Foot

On Monday morning around 10:30am, multiple Greenwich Police units responded to a report of car break ins in the area of in the area of Hamilton Avenue, St. Roch’s and Alexander Street.

Officers engaged a suspected, who Captain Gray said is known to Greenwich Police. The suspect remains on the loose.

Though the incident took place near the St. Roch’s preschool and Hamilton Avenue School, the schools were not locked down.

Greenwich Police Lt David Nemecek said the investigation is ongoing, but that the police have good leads.

At 2:30, Hamilton Avenue School principal Cindy Rigling sent an email to parents to allay any concern.

“At approximately 10:35 a.m. police were observed chasing a suspect down St. Roch’s street. The officer had a weapon drawn,” Rigling wrote.

Rigling told parents that the school took precautionary measures and kept students inside for PE and recess.

“The police have since notified us that it is fine to allow students to go outside to play. They have assured us that there was no connection to the school other than proximity,” Rigling said.