First Responders Free Child Trapped Under Car in Serious Port Chester Crash

On Wednesday Port Chester Port Chester Fire Dept and Police Dept responded to a serious motor vehicle crash in the area of 1 Tamarack Road, which is the address of Port Chester High School.

The crash, which took place at 12:17pm, left two minors stuck under a vehicle.

Port Chester and Rye Brook Fire Departments, along with a mutual aid Rescue Company from the Purchase Fire Department, were dispatched to the scene.

There were two cars involved in the crash, which was adjacent to the high school’s auditorium entrance at the corner of Neuton Avenue and Hillcrest Ave.

When first responders arrived they found two people still in a vehicle and two minors stuck underneath the vehicle.

One of the minors, along with the people inside the vehicle were able to free themselves, but the second minor was trapped underneath the vehicle.

A post from the Port Chester Fire Dept said that arriving units from Rescue 41, Engine 14 and Rescue 30 immediately went to work on freeing the trapped minor, stabilizing the vehicle, and utilizing Hurst spreaders and a TL-9 stabilizer.

The vehicle was lifted, freeing the minor, who was placed in the care of Port Chester/Rye/Rye Brook EMS and transported to a local hospital for further treatment.