Emergency Services Rendered at Greenwich Town Party: One Life Saved

At the 7th annual Greenwich Town Party benefited from great weather packed a lineup of superlative bands.

At Wednesday’s Parks & Recreation board meeting, director Joe Siciliano described the party as relatively incident free, though one woman had to be escorted from the event around 10:00pm, right around the time Steely Dan were finishing their performance.

Another incident, Mr. Siciliano said around 10:30am a gentleman driving on I95 had a heart attack and got off I95 and pulled into the parking lot opposite the teen center and received immediate medical attention because an ambulance was already there.

According to Siciliano,the man had called state police whose instructions were to pull off at exit 3 and that they would dispatch an ambulance from the Town of Greenwich. “It couldn’t have been better timing,” Siciliano said, adding that normally that parking lot would have been empty and and he might have had to wait for an ambulance to be dispatched.

According to Lt David Nemecek there was also one medical for a person who had too much to drink.