DUI for Man with Caught with Open Six Pack in Car

On Wednesday at approximately 11:30pm,  Greenwich Police patrolling East Putnam Avenue and Indian Field Road observed what appeared to be a disabled motor vehicle.

While performing an on scene investigation it was observed that the operator, identified as Roger Steinkamp Pierce, 58, of 15 Southfield Ave in Stamford, had a distinct odor on and about his person and vehicle consistent with the consumption of an alcoholic beverage. According to Police, Mr. Pierce, who admitted to consuming alcohol that evening, was also observed to be lethargic, unfocused, and unsteady on his feet.

Also, according to police, there was a six-pack of beer in plain sight in the right rear passenger floor containing three opened and empty bottles.

Pierce was issued a series of field sobriety tests, which he subsequently failed to perform to standard. He was placed under arrest for DUI and Failure to Maintain Proper Lane. He was assigned a court date of Feb. 12 and was able to post $500 bond. He was released without incident.