DUI for Driver Who Crashed into a Snowbank

On Saturday around 12:45am, Greenwich Police spotted a white Jeep SUV traveling north on North Street when it swerved from its lane and drove through a large mound of snow at the end of a residential driveway, strewing snow and ice all over the roadway.

Police say the Jeep then swerved back into the oncoming lane, nearly causing a crash with the officer’s police cruiser.

Police stopped the car on North Street and the driver, Nicholas Romanello, 21, of Greenwich has glassy red eyes, slurred speech and the smelled of alcohol.

Romanello admitted that he was looking down at his phone while driving, which caused him to veer off the roadway. He was unable to perform field sobriety tests to standard and was charged with DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane and Operating While Using a Cell Phone.

He was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on Feb 22, 2021. He was able to post 10% cash bond and was released.