Cos Cob Man Arrested Following Early Morning Assault

A Cos Cob man was arrested on Sunday around 4:00am after police responded to an apartment in Cos Cob on a report of a man hitting a woman in the mouth.

When police arrived, Frank Molina, 34, of 234 Post Rd in Cos Cob, was observed leaving the area and did not comply with officers instructions to stop.

Police say that when Molina did eventually stop, he confronted police in an aggressive manner and had to be forcefully placed in handcuffs. Investigation revealed that Molina had been involved in an argument with the victim and struck her in the face.

He was charged with Interfering with an Officer, Disorderly Conduct and Assault 3 and was held in lieu of $10,000 bond. He was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on April 16, 2018.