April “Officer of the Month” Goes to Narcotics Section after Multiple Arrests

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Throughout the month of March there were three impressive Narcotics investigations which came to fruition. The Narcotics Section of Greenwich Police Department worked tirelessly performing surveillance, developing operational plans, completing Search Warrants and executing Arrest Warrants.

The Section made five arrests on an array of drug charges, one of the suspects being a rising mid-level dealer from New York, and another arrest for a suspect implicated in the near death heroin overdose of a Greenwich resident.

This section would recover sizable amounts of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and several highly abused opiate based pharmaceutical pills.

The sale of drugs in a residential community has a deleterious effect on the tranquility of a neighborhood.

The Narcotics Section’s diligence in removing this growing source of criminality had a positive impact on local residents and sends a message to those engaged in this destructive activity that the Greenwich Police Department will not stand idly by.