A Little Care with Your Leaf Piles Keeps Roadway Safe

Huge leaf piles impacting the safe movement of people and vehicles is a yearly complaint that is easily avoided with a little planning and patience.

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Leaf Collection is a long standing service provided to Greenwich residences located on most public streets. The Leaf Collection Program is conducted for a 6 to 8 week period from Mid-November to Mid-December weather permitting.  The program requires  residents  to rake  leaves only into piles at the shoulder and off the pavement of the road in front of their residence.

Residents are requested to avoid raking leaves onto the sidewalks, catch basin grates and open channels.

All material placed in violation of State of Connecticut, General Statutes, Chapter 368m, Sec. 19a-335, Nuisances on Highways are subject to being fined.

Residents are encouraged to pay particular attention to the proper placement of leaves when they contract with a Landscaper for Fall leaf cleanup.

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One thought on “A Little Care with Your Leaf Piles Keeps Roadway Safe

  1. 50 cents per lawnmower blade end would save us 400k a year and avoid spending again the 20 million we have “blown” since this sad joke started.
    Brit invented reel lawnmowers made lawns possible starting 100 years ago.
    50 years ago policy of clear & dry roads first to Commercial cubicles came by edict here.
    Reel mowers went away when replaced by rotary mowers, chip blade insert on them mulch leaves in place. Adding natural nutrients to lawns and plant beds.
    Ohhh and by the way eliminate the need for leaf blowers!
    But realize that “Commerce First” Robert Moses inspired also “paved ” the way for wimpy “Professionals” to sell out to the Permit Parasite Paradise we used to fondly call home.
    Back then it was a place to raise a family not just come to make money.
    Add in the other Ps, Pave Pipe Pollute puked on us by the PE brains and their Pals, the SWRPA and “green” slime operatives.
    Streams,rivers & harbors unswimmable and clogged and flood creators rather than life improving resource is the result.
    Let’s hope the rotary mower will help us rotate back to help eliminate the real invasive Species (Professional sellouts)we should be concerned over.
    50 cents per blade can allow putrefcation of leaves in place…not the whole Town….