Unfair Advantage? Where IEPs Abound, More Students Get Extra Time for SAT

By Mark Greenstein, Lead instructor, Ivy Bound Test Prep

It’s official.  Over 50% of my clients from Greenwich now are granted extra time by either ACT or SAT.  (Among the less affluent burbs it’s about 15%; among my students in urban public schools it’s 0%).

As democratizing as SAT purports to be, this extended time aspect gives an advantage (some would say “unfair” advantage,) to those in the know.  Add temerity to the “advantaged” list: When SAT says “no,” those who complain often get a rescission; the rest meekly go away.

My prescription for any student with a whiff of a learning difference is: ASK FOR EXTENDED TIME.  And if denied, ask again.  Whether through the school or through a private MD’s report, SAT and ACT are very accommodating to students who need extra time and have documentation of a learning difference.

The added benefit: the extra time permission often stay with a student in college.  As important as the extra time can be for getting IN to college, it’s even more helpful to have 4 years where the college reduces the extra pressures of timed testing.

Those who can’t get an IEP in a timely way and need a private evaluator, contact Mark at Ivy Bound (877) 975-1600.

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