DTC Statement on Recent Supreme Court Rulings on Abortion Rights and Reproductive Health and Access to Care

In the past few weeks, the United States Supreme Court ruled on two cases critical to abortion rights and reproductive health and access to care.

In one, Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA, the Court ruled unanimously to maintain access to mifepristone, known as the “abortion pill” on the basis that the plaintiffs lacked legal standing.

The other, Moyle v. United States/Idaho v. United States, reverts to a circuit court decision that temporarily allows abortions in Idaho to protect the health and life of a mother as exceptions to a near-total abortion ban.

Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (Greenwich DTC) Chair Christina Downey released the following statement in response to the two recent Supreme Court rulings:

“The Supreme Court ruled on two critical cases brought by extremists aiming to further chip away at Americans’ access to abortion and our right to choose. We dodged a bullet this time, but abortion and reproductive rights are still at risk as the Court issued its rulings based on technical points rather than the merits of the cases.

“These rulings come two years after the dismantling of Roe v. Wade and do nothing to assuage the unease so many of us feel as our hard-fought rights and liberties lay on the chopping block with a stacked Court. We remain legally vulnerable and disadvantaged when it comes to access to abortion care and reproductive healthcare more broadly, especially women.

“The right to make decisions over our own bodies is fundamental. We heard loud and clear in 2022 that the vast majority of Americans agree. We are grateful to live in a sanctuary state like Connecticut that has fought to protect and preserve reproductive rights, but we cannot take anything for granted in this political climate. Republican candidates running for state and federal offices are threatening to abolish critical access to healthcare, and we must not let them.

“What comes next is in our hands. We have another chance this November to put us on a better path towards a future where our children can enjoy the true promise of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness without the threat of extremism that continues to poison our democracy.”

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