CT DEEP Commissioner Supports Pay as You Throw

Letter of Support for Greenwich PAYT Proposal from  the Commissioner of Connecticut’s Dept of Energy & Environmental Protection, Katie S. Dykes, Feb 19, 2020

Dear First Selectman Camillo:

I was encouraged to see Greenwich’s decision to move forward with Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT also known as Save Money and Reduce Trash or SMART) in this budget cycle. This show of leadership will benefit both Greenwich’s residents as well as all of Connecticut.

PAYT policies are recognized globally as one of the most effective actions communities can take to reduce waste and control costs. For DEEP, PAYT is a key component of how the state will achieve its 60% diversion goal by 2024. DEEP supports PAYT because it is consistent with goals and objectives within the statewide Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (www.ct.gov/deep/cmms).

PAYT has achieved great results in more than 500 New England communities. The program can predictably and reliably save communities money and reduce trash volumes at a scale unmatched by any other waste management program. PAYT is a proven first step for communities, like Greenwich, looking to achieve zero waste and sustainability goals.

DEEP’s consultant-supported analysis projects that PAYT will provide Greenwich taxpayers with a minimum of 3.5 million dollars in savings during the first year of operation and a minimum of 35 million dollars in savings over the next 10 years. This reduction will allow Greenwich to reallocate taxpayer resources away from waste disposal and towards more valuable services for residents. PAYT will also help protect the environment by increasing recycling rates and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that result from the transportation and disposal of larger volumes of solid waste.

I commend you on taking this step for the benefit of your constituents. I look forward to watching other Connecticut municipalities follow your lead and also do well by their residents.


Katie S. Dykes