Maple Ave Home in Greenwich Sells for $1.24M

Property transfers recorded in the Assessor’s office at Town Hall through March 17, 2014:

13 Hoover Rd from Joanne Pennella Smardin and Peter Paul Pennella to Evan and Elizabeth Box on March 13, 2014 for $732,500

One Milbank Ave, Unit 111A from James Kiernan Jr Family, LLC to Hilary E Glassman on March 14, 2014 for $1,500,000


33 Maple Ave, Greenwich.

33 Maple Ave from Dimitar I Bliznakov and Nikolinka I Bliznakova to Hossien Kazemi and Mahvash Mirzai on March 14, 2014 for $1,240,000

241 Riverside Ave from Paul R Stahl and Brooke C Stahl to Michael Liersch on March 17, 2014 for $2,950,000

7 Ginko Lane from Tara V Spiess to Martin Schultz on March 17, 2014 for $1,685,000

3 Putnam Hills Apt 2E from Bruce E Neuman on March 17, 2014 for $320,000


130 Mason Street in Greenwich.

130 Mason Street, Unit #1 from Estate of Rosemarie Stuttig to Craig R Stapleton on March 17, 2014 for $525,000