Julian Lucas McRandal, 9

Julian Lucas McRandal, age 9, died on August 30, 2022, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York, NY. He was born on August 29, 2013, to parents Daisy and Ryan at Royal London Hospital in the UK. Julian was quite the world traveler, living in London, Santa Barbara, and Greenwich before he was even one and a half years old. His sense of adventure and discovery was a joy to behold. He was happiest when his day felt like an Indiana Jones movie or an Ernest Shackleton ad. Carving trails through the woods, kayaking and discovering new islands with his sister Faith and dog Thunder, and mountain biking along treacherous ravines, were high on his list of favorite days.

He was an inquisitive little scientist, fascinated by the universe and the details of nature. Loving someone to the moon and back was not good enough for Julian. He often told his family he loved “to the multiverse and back.” Asked what was on his mind he often replied he was pondering string theory, or wondering where the birds were migrating to, and why some days we could see the moon during daylight. His first handwritten book at preschool was an encyclopedia not structured in alphabetical order like they typically are, but rather in order of importance for the universe. Page one: “God just poofed.”

Julian’s enduring legacy will be in the way he inspired us. He fought a long and uncertain battle with great courage and poise. He did so while maintaining a sublime joy and love for life, never hesitating to share his magnificent giggle and his generous spirit. As Julian and his struggle touched those around him, he drew together family, friends, classmates, and a wider community of people spanning the globe who will be forever lifted by this beautiful young soul. Julian will remain with us all forever, sharing his strength as we face our own battles.

He passed away the day after he celebrated his 9th birthday. The McRandal family celebrates Julian’s new life in heaven, free from a battle with cancer. They will miss him dearly but will be forever grateful for nine, memory-packed years, with such an amazing son.

Julian is survived by his parents, Daisy and Ryan, and his older sister Faith, his grandparents Rebecca McRandal and Priya Goonewardene, Antonio and Maria Munoz, his aunts Esmeralda and Lizette Munoz, and his uncle Tony Munoz.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 am on September 3 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Greenwich.

In Julian’s memory please donate to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, https://giving.mskcc.org/msk-kids.