Greenwich Police Mourn Loss of Retired Detective Timothy Biggs

Greenwich Police Chief James Heavey announced on Friday that Detective Timothy Biggs has died. Heavey wrote, “It is with great sadness that I advise all personnel of the death of retired Greenwich Police Detective Timonthy Biggs. Detective Biggs started employment with the department on Feb. 14, 1986, and retired on March 1 2014 – a career of 28 years.”

Mr. Biggs was married to Police Officer Diana Shuttler. He was 58 years old.

Detective Biggs was a Greenwch native who attended Greenwih public schools and graduated from GHS in 1977. Prior to becoming a Greenwich Police officer, Biggs was a volunteer Fireman wit the Sound Beach Fire Co.

During the earlier part of his career, he assisted with the explorer Police Academy as a Ranger Officer and instructor, which he did on his off duty time.

He was promoted to the Accident Car in September of 1997 and to the rank of Detective in June of 2002. Detective Biggs was also a member of the Special Response Unit.

Detective Biggs was recognized as Officer of the Month in January 2011 for Excellence in Criminal Investigation involving burglaries in Greenwich and other jurisdictions and again in March of 2011 for Exceptional Police Work. In January of 2012, he received the US Attorney’s Law Enforcement Award for his role in capturing Larry Corbett, who was tried and convicted for robbery and murder.

Detective Biggs’ file contains numerous Commendations recognizing him for his investigative abilities and successful conclusions dealing with armed robberies, murder, hit and run accidents, kidnapping, burglaries, carjacking, stolen vehicles, life-saving efforts, vandalism, and his many acts of humanity and compassion.