Senator Kasser Endorsed for Re-Election by CT Realtors Trade Association

Breaking with tradition, CT Realtors (CTR), the largest professional trade association in Connecticut, has endorsed State Senator Alex Kasser for re-election for State Senator in District 36.

CTR has historically endorsed the Republican candidate in this Senate district.

“I am honored to receive their vote of confidence and to continue to work closely with CTR to create the conditions for a strong real estate market,” Senator Kasser in a release. “For most people, their home is their main investment and to ensure that home values increase over time, we need people to move to Connecticut, not just temporarily during the pandemic, but permanently.”

The mission of CTR is “to make our state a better place to live and work and play” and Senator Kasser shares those priorities.

“Like CTR, I’m focused on policies that create fiscal stability and improve quality of life. I believe we can have thriving communities that feel safe and welcoming to everyone, with excellent schools and infrastructure, where property values rise and taxes go down,” Kasser added.

As Chair of the Banking Committee, Senator Kasser introduced several bills supported by CTR.

One of these bills was SB72 which addressed the burden of student loan debt. This issue was one of CTR’s 2019-2020 legislative priorities. In their public policy statement, CTR  recognized that “student debt has delayed home purchases by nearly seven years. CTR supports efforts to identify opportunities for employer grants or loans to address student loan debt without additional income tax burden.”

Senator Kasser’s bill was passed in the Senate and House and signed by the Governor. It became the first law in the state to reduce student debt for graduates of colleges in CT and residents of CT who graduate from a college located outside the state. 

Senator Kasser and CTR share many other priorities including improving the transportation systems in Connecticut and protecting the environment, clean soil and safe water.

Senator Kasser is Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee and introduced several bills to improve transportation.

Before she ran for office, Senator Kasser was an environmental advocate who ran “Greening our Children,” a local organization dedicated to educating parents and ensuring a safe living environment for children, free of harmful toxins. 

Another priority that both Senator Kasser and CTR share is the elimination of the Estate & Gift Tax.

Senator Kasser introduced a bill on this in 2019 to keep retirees and wealthy families from leaving the state.

“The state loses more money than it gains by having this tax,” she said, adding, “and as a fiscally responsible Democrat, I will continue to fight for its elimination.” 

“The real estate market is a leading indicator for the economy and I take great pride in having earned this endorsement from real estate professionals who are on the front lines of marketing our state and welcoming new residents and businesses,” noted Senator Kasser.