LETTER: Why I Am Voting for Alex Kasser

Submitted by E. Judd Cohen

Many voters base their choice on party or a single issue. I look at it differently. I want representatives who put the interests of their constituents above party or ambition, ask the tough questions and make the hard decisions. 

That’s why I’m supporting State Senator Alex Kasser for re-election to the State Senate in the 36th District. I do not agree with her on all issues, but I know she devotes the time and thought to reach what she believes is best for us and I respect that.

In her two years in Hartford, she has been a strong voice for Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan showing intelligence, perseverance and leadership.  From her first day in office, she successfully introduced numerous bills and took leadership roles as chair of the Banking committee and vice chair of the Judiciary and Transportation committees.

With her, the phrase “concerned legislator” is not an oxymoron. While Alex speaks out on the major issues of today, such as climate change and Connecticut’s finances, she doesn’t overlook those that affect us daily, such as fighting for free Covid testing, aiding those less fortunate and negatively affected by the pandemic and providing our schools with the supplies and support they need to open safely. She rightly points out the importance that decisions in Hartford have on our daily lives.

While Alex is unafraid to challenge the State Senate leadership, she does so in a constructive way seeking workable solutions. Her constituents always come first. I’m proud to support Alex Kasser for re-election and urge readers to go to her website, alex4ct.com, and learn more about this dedicated, smart and determined public servant and, most important, vote for her.

E. Judd Cohen

Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted to [email protected] for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.