Holly Hill Dump Permits Available to Residents for $25

Starting July 1 the Town of Greenwich will implement a new system of tipping fees at Holly Hill, aka “the dump.”

Haulers will be weighed in and weighed out and billed based on their tonnage.

Residents can hire a hauler or bring their own MSW and recycling to the dump, but beginning July 1 a permit is required.

Applications for the residential permits are now available for $25 annually on the Dept of Public Works page on the town’s website.

From DPW web page on Town of Greenwich website.

Click HERE for the residential permit application form.

All vehicles, both commercial and residential, must display a disposal permit to enter the Holly Hill Facility as of July 1.

All Greenwich residents and local businesses are eligible for a residential vehicle permit which can be obtained online or via mail. No waste from outside of Greenwich is allowed.

Vehicles must display a disposal permit decal to enter the facility beginning July 1.

More information on the residential permits is available here.

Click HERE for the residential permit application form.

Permits will no longer be issued or sold at Holly Hill. Permits will be issued on an annual basis; valid July 1 – June 30.

If you are using a company not based in Town to dispose of material for you, will need to provide the company with a Verification of Owner Form (PDF) completed and signed by you that verifies the material they are bringing into the Transfer Station is from a Greenwich property. You will need to supply a signed form for each load. To dispose of materials accepted at the Transfer Station, either a Verification of Owner Form must be provided or you must have a Residential Disposal Permit.

Also on the DPW page is a list of licensed haulers and their phone numbers.

While the $25 fee was passed by the RTM, the Board of Selectmen unanimously agreed the $25 fee was too low and expressed concerns that traffic would be jammed up in Chickahominy as a result of more residents bringing their own trash to the dump. While the Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the tip fees and permits for residents at $25, they vowed to revisit the residential permit fee in the near future.

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