GHS Mock Election Results Are In. Could They Foreshadow Nov 6?

Students and teachers at Greenwich High School took part in a national mock election October 22 – 25.

Students used a state-of-the art online voting system.

The election was sponsored by the Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI), a national civic education program based at the UVA  Center for Politics.

Millions of students have voted in these mock elections, making it the largest secure, student-only online mock election in the nation.

“Older Americans are more likely to vote, therefore, in order for our younger generation to make the changes we preach about on social media, every one of us must show up to the polls,” said Megan Cleary, a GHS senior. “All votes count and change will not occur unless we voice our beliefs.”


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James Heavey, another GHS senior and the Senior Class President, said,“The ability to vote gives every citizen a chance to make a difference in the path of our country. It’s up to every citizen who can vote to vote and make sure that the country will reflect the best views of the people for the future.”

A national research study conducted by University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato and Chief of Staff Ken Stroupe found conclusively that the instructional components of the Youth Leadership Initiative can have a positive impact on students, and Stroupe found that “students in classes where teachers used the YLI Mock Election and the related lesson plans reported a higher tendency towards future political participation.” “Programs such as the YLI Mock Election have the opportunity to excite students about our democracy. Students are empowered with a sense of “I can” optimism that will lead to a lifetime of civic involvement,” added Sabato.

Slightly more than 1,500 students voted:
  • 372 Freshmen
  • 392 Sophomores
  • 428 Juniors
  • 317 Seniors
Connecticut US Senate

Chris Murphy: Democrat – 51.25%

Matthew Corey – 27.93%

Richard Lion: Libertarian – 6.46%

Abstain: N/A – 6.39%

Jeffrey Russell: Green 4.87%

Write Ins: N/A – 3.10%

Connecticut US House District 4

*Jim Himes: Democrat – 62.75%

Harry Arora: Republican – 29.14%

Abstain: N/A – 5.41%

Write Ins… N/A – 2.70%

Connecticut Governor

*Ned Lamont: Democrat – 38.60%

Bob Stefanowski: Republican – 36.30%

Oz Griebel: Independent – 6.85%

Abstain: N/A – 6.59%

Mark Stewart Greenstein: Amigo Constitution – 4.74%

Rod Hanscomb: Libertarian – 3.75%

Write Ins… N/A – 3.16%

Connecticut State Senate District 36

*Alexandra Bergstein: Democrat – 41.24%

Scott Frantz: Republican – 37.76%

Abstain: N/A – 11.53%

Megan Cassano: Green – 6.25%

Write Ins: N/A – 3.22%

Connecticut House of Representatives District 149

Abstain: N/A – 75.39%

*Livvy Floren: Republican – 21.78%

Write Ins: N/A – 2.84%

Connecticut House of Representatives District 150

Abstain: N/A – 61.60%

*Steve Meskers: Democrat – 18.36%

Mike Bocchino: Republican – 17.78%

Write Ins: N/A – 2.26%

Connecticut House of Representatives District 151

Abstain: N/A – 50.32%

*Fred Camillo: Republican – 27.00%

Laura Kostin: Democrat – 20.43%

Write Ins: N/A– 2.26%