Fazio Supports Legislation to Cap Certain Occupational Registration, Certification, and Licensing Fees at $100 Per Year


Senator Ryan Fazio (R-36) testified before the General Law Committee on Thursday in support of Senate Bill 135, a crucial piece of legislation aimed at aiding the state’s workforce by capping the registration, certification, or licensing fees at $100 per year.

The bill reflects the language of a proposal that Senator Fazio introduced and the General Law Committee passed unanimously last year. Fazio co-introduced legislation, along with a bipartisan group of colleagues, this year to do precisely that. The proposed bill prohibits the Commissioner of Consumer Protection and the Department of Consumer Protection from charging more than $100 annually, thereby easing the financial burden on individuals seeking to further their careers and professions.

“Passing this bill into law will not only improve economic opportunity for workers but also make Connecticut more affordable and bolster our economy. This tax cut is for our working class and middle-class families who want to work and make a living in Connecticut,” Senator Fazio argued.

This legislation aims to significantly reduce financial barriers for individuals seeking licenses, permits, certifications, or registrations, promoting an inclusive economy where all residents have an equal opportunity to succeed.

“I look forward to working with Governor Lamont and colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure the passage of S.B. 135. This bipartisan cause can make Connecticut more affordable and economically viable for all our residents,” Senator Fazio added.