Denise Merrill Resigns, Effective June 30, 2022

Governor Ned Lamont released the following statement regarding the announcement made Tuesday by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill that she intends to resign from her elected office effective at 12:00 noon on Thursday, June 30, 2022.

“Denise Merrill is a dear friend to me, and her exit from public service is a tremendous loss for the people of Connecticut. Denise has had a long history of serving the public good in Connecticut and has become one of the most respected secretaries of state in the country. I am proud to have partnered with her on our collected efforts to increase access to voter registration, increase access to casting a ballot, increase election transparency, and streamline the way businesses interact with our state government. It can’t go without noting that our most recent statewide election resulted in the highest number of registered voters casting ballots in our state’s history, which is a credit to Denise’s efforts to encourage voter participation. Denise has delivered results, and our state is stronger because of her efforts. My prayers are with her and her family, and I thank her for everything she has given to Connecticut.”

As required by state statute, when the legislature is not in session the responsibility to fill a vacancy for a constitutional officer falls to the governor. That appointee serves the remainder of the constitutional officer’s term. Governor Lamont will announce an appointment soon.

Attoney General William Tong shared a statement:

“Denise Merrill has been a champion for free, fair and safe elections during an era of unprecedented and unrelenting challenges. Secretaries of State nationwide have never been more critical in protecting the safety of voters, and the legitimacy of our elections against disinformation and partisan voter suppression efforts. Denise Merrill has set the standard for professionalism. She ensured that every Connecticut voter had the ability to cast their ballot safely during the pandemic, and led nationwide efforts to safeguard our elections against cyberthreats and disinformation. She has been a powerful voice in state government since her days in the legislature. She has always been an important mentor to me and so many others. It was my honor to serve with Secretary Merrill as a state representative, and when she was my Majority Leader in the House. I had a special privilege to continue to serve with her as a constitutional officer, where together we protected the integrity of Connecticut elections. I wish her and her family all the best in this new chapter in her career.”

A year ago, Merrill announced she would not run for another term. At the time she said that while she would not run again, she was not retiring.