Application for Temporary Field Lighting at Sacred Heart Greenwich Submitted to P&Z

Greenwich Planning & Zoning has received an application for temporary lighting of an athletic field at Sacred Heart Greenwich on King Street.

The applicant is White Plains Rugby Football Club, a non profit who already use one of the synthetic turf fields on the Sacred Heart campus for practices scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The Sacred Heart campus is bounded to the north and east by Fairview Country Club, to the south by Audubon conservation land and Greenwich Woods, and the west by Laurelton Nursing Home and Brunswick School. The property is served by an onsite Wastewater Treatment Facility and public water.

According to a letter in the file from Redniss & Mead’s David Ginter, during the later part of the fall season and early part of the spring season, there is not enough daylight to allow for the practices to extend through the entire time available to them.

The applicant is also requesting the use of four small temporary trailer mounted lights to light the field during practice.

The Club is seeking approval for a time period beginning this September through the first week of November and again in March through the middle of May. The Club will not be hosting any games and CSH will not be using the lights for any additional events.

Per Ginter’s letter, if approved, the use of the lights would commence immediately in September.

The application has yet to be scheduled on a P&Z agenda.