Camillo: Greenwich’s greatest asset is its people

Submitted by Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo

I would like to thank the people of Greenwich for placing their faith in me to continue working on their behalf as First Selectman of the greatest town in the nation. Greenwich has many wonderful attributes- shoreline, countryside, over 800 acres of open space, terrific schools, a local hospital,  great shops and restaurants, beautiful beaches, a great park system, and close proximity to New York City. 

Still, I believe its greatest asset is its people. 

Our residents  have made our town the gold standard when it comes to civic participation. They fulfill the old adage that it is better “to give and forget, and receive and remember.”

The perseverance and patience our community exhibited during the worst pandemic in over a hundred years served as both an inspiration and guide for other communities. The resilience and resolve they showed during superstorms and a 500 year flood drew praise from state agencies and our Governor. We were committed to not only surviving these seminal and trying  events, but to coming out on the other end of them as a more efficient and effective town.

For the past two years, we have worked hard to respect our past, manage the present, and plan for the future. 

We helped craft a blight ordinance; added more items to the town’s list of recyclables; established waste disposal, energy management, and sustainability committees; improved pedestrian safety along Greenwich Avenue; reorganized and redeployed police on Greenwich Avenue; helped supplement major projects, such as the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center (EGCC) with public/private partnerships; and worked with fellow leaders and residents to get through the pandemic.

Now we need to keep working to construct and upgrade our buildings and infrastructure; make our green initiatives even more effective; and address the town’s serious flooding issues. 

We have a lot to do and I look forward to working with my friend Lauren Rabin and our new colleague Janet Stone McGuigan.

Thanks again for this great honor.  I look forward to the next two years of public service, and to leading my hometown and upholding its standing as a beacon of  light and  leadership. 

See you all around town!

Best, as always, 


Fred Camillo, First Selectman