On Greenwich Ave, ‘The Card Shop’ Is a Collector’s Paradise

By Maesa Procopio

Greenwich Avenue is known as a destination buy anything from clothing to electronics to a bite to eat, and now, thanks to Donald Coolidge, The Card Shop is open and offers an array of collectable sports cards, signed equipment, and much more.

Ribbon cutting at The Card Shop on Greenwich Avenue. July 5, 2023 Photo: Maesa Procopio

“Our shop is all sorts of things,” stated Coolidge, “but we primarily focus on sports cards and Pokémon cards. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey, and now Pokémon is one of the biggest brands in the world.”

During the pandemic, many people decided it was a good time to pick up old hobbies and find new, innovative ways to make money. While people began collecting cards again, many also got the idea to rummage through storage boxes and find old Pokémon cards to see if they were now worth anything, and quite often, they are.

The Card Shop welcomes all to come in and have their cards looked at to see if there is a hidden gem.

Not only does The Card Shop appeal to younger generations, but this idea of taking up old hobbies has drawn in entire families.

“This is my second shop in the area and third overall,” Coolidge said. “I have a store in Armonk that’s been super successful, it’s sort of like a community card shop. A lot of really hardcore collectors, but also a lot of families coming in just starting to collect and go through the learning process of who to collect and what sports to collect.”

To someone who is unfamiliar with collecting cards, it may seem overwhelming, but the staff is extremely knowledgeable and will gladly help anyone to understand it all.

It’s no secret that Greenwich is full of sports professionals, and now there is a place to host a meet and greet with your favorite athletes.

In addition to cards, The Card Shop offers an array of signed products.

“We have a beautiful display of autographed helmets, and have been doing autograph sessions with Yankee prospects, which we’ll do more signings with professional athletes as well,” Coolidge explained.

When asked why Coolidge chose Greenwich Avenue, he stated, “I’m not a native of Greenwich,
I’ve been coming here for a couple of years now. My family and I spend a lot of time on the
Avenue and around town going out to dinner, playing at the park. I really love the vibe of the
avenue; I just think overall it’s great. So, when I was trying to plan it out, I knew I wanted to be
on the Avenue.”

The Card Shop offers both a product and an experience for the whole family to share.

The Card Shop is located at 351 Greenwich Ave, second floor. Tel. 203-485-0580