Raised Deck Facing Byram River Proposed for Macelleria

An application has been submitted to Planning & Zoning to create a raised 2,752 sq ft deck at 2 South Water Street in Greenwich, where Macelleria recently opened.

The Italian steakhouse, located in the Byram section of town, is the third in the area. It joins Macelleria locations in Armonk and Pelham, New York.

The property is within 500 ft of the municipal boundary with Port Chester, and is in a Coastal Overlay Zone.

The deck would be built above the parking lot at the rear of the restaurant facing the Byram River. It would be accessed from the existing main floor of the restaurant with two sets of stairs to the parking lot below.

The cantilevered portion of the deck would be approximately 33 feet from the river and actual structural piers would be about 42’ from the river.

Building 8 piers would be the only disturbance of the upland area consisting of 0.0011 acres of the 0.5986 acre property.

As the deck will be constructed above the existing asphalt parking lot, no additional impervious surface would be created.

The applicant is Bachi Byberi.

Per the application submitted by agent Michiel Boender of Edgewater Group Architects for the property owner, Enrico DiFilippo, “As such we believe it qualifies for an interpretive categorical exemption such as the construction of a 2nd floor (or higher) addition to an existing building and/or the resurfacing of an existing impervious area on a non-residential lot such as repaving an existing parking lot or drive with no increase in impervious cover.”

The project involves the excavation for installation of concrete footings and piers for the posts supporting the deck above. Once installed, the areas will be backfilled and asphalt paving patched.

The propose framing with be steel structural posts and beams with wood framing for the synthetic decking, and railings featuring metal posts and glass panels.

While under construction erosion and sedimentation controls will be installed consisting of a silt fence with sand bags and hay bales to prevent any unfiltered flow into the river from the site.

Per the application filed with P&Z, 53 parking spaces are required, and there is a proposed reduction of 3 spaces to 50.