WEISBROD: Senator Kasser is an Intelligent, Non-Partisan Problem Solver

David Weisbrod is a Democratic member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

When I first met Alex Kasser in 2018 I saw a daring, shall I say, courageous, challenger for a state Senate seat that no Democrat had won in 84 years. We hosted a meet and greet at our home which attracted a diverse group of Greenwich residents from both parties.  The group witnessed an intelligent, non-partisan problem solver and what they saw they liked.  So did the majority of other voters that year and Alex of course went on to win a landmark race.

Fast forward to today’s re-election contest and you will see a candidate who delivered as promised.  Alex was one of the earliest legislators to recognize the seriousness of the COVID crisis, issuing policy recommendations that helped keep the infection rate in Connecticut under control.  As a fighter on the economic front,  Alex initiated legislation to repeal the estate and gift tax.  She supported the elimination of the business entity tax in order to reduce costs for small businesses.   At the same time, Alex’s positions on women’s reproductive rights, guns, voting rights and civil rights reflect the values of our community.

The State is facing significant economic challenges.  Alex is in the vanguard of problem solvers offering innovative ideas to establish a State Infrastructure Bank, introducing legislation to cap certain high cost pensions and proposing a Constitutional amendment to require full pension funding so legislators can no longer “kick the can down the road”.  

In this election cycle, it is disappointing to see some of the tasteless attacks aimed at Alex.  Overriding  such strife, I believe the soundness of Alex’s policies and values will stand out for voters.   Alex’s positions and approach to problem solving remain fundamentally non-partisan. 

In conclusion, Alex is an energetic, dedicated, innovative and intelligent public servant.  I strongly support Alex and wholeheartedly endorse her campaign for reelection.

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