WALSH: Gone is The Democratic Party of JFK and Clinton

Submitted by Jacqueline Walsh, Greenwich

I am writing in response to a letter written by Stella Hawkins on September 14,  2022, (LETTER: Fiorello and Sherr are Too Far Right for Greenwich) where she categorized every Republican point of view contrary to her own as “far-right”. Let’s see, there were “far-right groups”, “far-right agenda”, “far-right leanings”, “far-right Republicans”, ”far-right National Republicans”, and “too far-right for Greenwich”. She seemed to have an affinity for this phrase and I can only assume the point she was trying to make was that Republicans, like Fiorello and Sherr, who value the First Amendment, advocate for parental rights and support funding the police are extremists, of far-right proportions.

However, where she goes decidedly wrong is that it’s not the Republicans that have made the shift toward the extreme, it’s the Democrats. As former Mother Jones writer, Kevin Drum stated, “It is not Conservatives who have turned American politics into a culture battle. It is the literals.” Forget the Democrat party of JKF and Bill Clinton (”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”). It has now been taken over by the historically discredited ideology of Socialism. 

While Democrats were pushing agenda that allows children to be chemically castrated, Americans were worrying how they were going to pay their exorbitant healthcare bills thanks to Obamacare. While Democrats were trying to suppress the free speech of those who disagree with them, Americans were worrying about how to pay their rising utility bills, grocery bills, gas bills, and mortgages. 

While Democrats were fully embracing open boarders, the largest child-trafficking ring in the history of the United States was transpiring, along with an explosion of crime and violence in our cities, and an alarming energy crisis due to the White House severely limiting domestic oil production and selling our national petroleum reserves to China. 

On the home front, Connecticut is an embarrassment. According to CNBC, Connecticut’s fiscal health ranking saw dismal scores for its economy, cost of living and cost of doing business. CT was ranked No. 39 in America’s Top Business in 2022. 





Democrats have been out of touch with Americans for years. They have been hijacked by extremists of the far-left variety.

So when Hawkins states, “Ms. Fiorello’s legislative record is troubling. Thus far, there have been plenty of “no votes”, but little in the way of accomplishment.” I have two words for Ms. Fiorello, Thank You. Thank you Rep. Fiorello for voting no to the left-wing, America-last agenda. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would continue to support these failed policies. A vote for common sense American first policies is imperative. A vote for Fiorello and Sherr will ensure that we have at least two representatives who care about the people of Connecticut.