ROTA: What has happened to civility in politics? 

Submitted by Adele Rota, Greenwich

Let me start by saying I was hesitant to write this letter due to potential personal attacks. I’m not a particularly political person but I am someone who is fierce about fairness and honesty.

I signed up to attend a program sponsored by the League of Women Voters on June 1, 2023, called “Leading with Civility and Respect: the Role of Women in Politics”. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Shortly thereafter, I began to receive unsolicited weekly emails from the Democratic Town Committee. Almost without exception, these emails focused on saying negative things about our town, local and national Republicans and the Greenwich RTC. The only thing I could surmise is my name was obtained from the registration for this event, since I am a registered Republican. While disturbing, I let it go as I had many other things to address at that time. However, I’ve been reading the recent series of awful letters to the editor vilifying local and national republicans and I can’t help but wonder if this is an orchestrated strategy.  

 “This vitriol is dangerous. We cannot afford to allow this to continue. We must choose our battles but not sit idly by while the lies pile up. If we do, we may lose it all.” This was the closing paragraph of the August 30, 2023 letter to the editor from Alison  Hope. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, however, it is misplaced on the Republicans of both this town and the nation as evidenced by the recent flurry of inaccurate “utter falsehoods,” negative and hateful letters to the editor.

In her August 30th letter, Ms. Hope refers to the Democrats as “the party with integrity who cares deeply about all Greenwich residents” while she spews falsehoods and negativity saying that the only thing that Republican candidates can offer the Town is to “keep taxes low”. While I’m glad she was able to publicly acknowledge that fact, it is an insult to the hard work and accomplishments of Fred Camilo First Selectman, Lauren Rabin Selectwoman along with the rest of our Republican team on the Board of Estimate and Taxation, the Board of Education, Town Clerk and Tax Collector to say that is all they can offer. 

Greenwich is a wonderful town to live and raise family. Our town is the envy of many towns across the country and that is not by accident. It is because we offer services and amenities most towns don’t, while keeping taxes reasonable so property values are high. In large part we have the current and prior Republican BET members to thank for why so many continue to move here so they too can call Greenwich home. 

The letter goes on to state “that this is about the soul of our town, our country, holding tight to our moral compass that is slipping fast away.” Unfortunately, many on the left think that “their” moral compass is truer than those who believe differently from them. For all their talk of the rights of all, that only applies if you believe exactly as they do, period.

Ms. Hope, a Democrat, says it is about “reclaiming the Republican Party.”  However, what she is doing is vilifying and painting Republicans with a “fascist” brush.  In truth, most Republicans are centrist.

We share this wonderful town and both parties should have the best interests of all residents at heart. Let’s try to keep local politics civil!


Adele Rota