RESTAURATEUR: Camillo Ensured Local Businesses Survived Pandemic

Submitted by Marc Penvenne, Owner at Bistro V, Versailles Patisserie and Meli-Melo Creperie & Catering

I’ve lived in Greenwich since July 1990 and Greenwich Avenue has never looked or felt more vibrant. The town’s epicenter for commerce and dining has come alive with the addition of outdoor dining in response to the pandemic. Last year’s holiday lights were equally impactful in bringing joy to the community during some of the darkest days we’ve experienced.

As a small business and restaurant owner, I have to commend the work of our First Selectman and the Town of Greenwich for what they did to ensure our local business community survived throughout one of the most challenging years, many, if not all, of us have faced.

Today our restaurant community is looking to continue on the path of expanding our dining areas outdoors and making these spaces an extension of our brand identities while beautifying Greenwich Avenue for everyone that passes by on foot or by car.

I am impressed with the work of the Reimagine Greenwich and Greenwich Forward initiative to connect town departments and communicate with the public. I’m thankful to have leadership that moves quickly and effectively to solve problems using efficient methods. I have worked a lifetime to build my businesses and for me, it’s a labor of love. I can see our First Selectman has the same work ethic and is equally passionate about the Town of Greenwich.

My team at Bistro V and Meli-Melo has told me on many occasions that he is here, on the Avenue listening and providing answers. Additionally, when I reached out to the Reimage Greenwich committee with my response to the Streetscape proposal they listened and provided me with answers.

I can speak for several other restaurant owners on Greenwich Avenue when I say that Fred Camillo leads by example, he has been able to transform our community and empowered us to survive when many other businesses in neighboring communities couldn’t. I believe this is something our Town should be proud of and I would like to thank him for his past, present, and future service to Greenwich.

Marc Penvenne 
Owner at Bistro V, Versailles Patisserie and Meli-Melo Creperie & Catering