Raben: Democrats Keep Changing the Subject Away from CT Fiscal Mess

Letter To the Editor submitted by John R. Raben, Former Chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee

“When you don’t have the facts on your side, just change the subject.” That’s what local Democrats are doing. Their candidates for the state legislature want to talk about almost any subject – except, of course, the fiscal mess Connecticut is in. Town voters should not be fooled.

After many decades of one-party (theirs) legislative rule which has caused the mess, Democrats are understandably reluctant to talk about problems in Hartford. Instead, they are trying to get Greenwich voters to focus elsewhere, for example on Washington.

Problems in Hartford, however, will have to be solved in Hartford. Those solutions will certainly not come from the party that created them in the first place.

I urge voters who are serious about protecting Connecticut’s future to re-elect the Republican candidates for the state legislature: Senator Scott Frantz and Representatives Mike Bocchino, Fred Camillo and Livvy Floren. And, give them a Republican Governor to work with by voting for Bob Stefanowski.

John R. Raben
Former Chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee