PASTORE: Greenwich Police Should Crack Down on Large Gatherings with No Social Distancing

Submitted by Robin Pastore, Saturday, July 25, 2020

Dear Editor:

With our First Selectman, Governor, CDC and many residents focused on getting Covid cases to decrease – instead of increasing, as has been the case recently – how is it possible that a Greenwich friend called GPD tonight around 10:00pm to report a large gathering, with DJ, loud music and not social distancing – and was told, “We can’t do anything about that.”  Gentle words: “With new cases of Covid in Greenwich in the past week – neighbors have requested you respect social distancing; and peace and quiet after 10:00pm – for the health and welfare of our Community?” No harm to say that.

For GPD to tell the caller:  Nothing we can do about big loud parties after 10:00pm (during this time when we are trying to flatten the curve Before Colleges & schools open) – Is a free pass: for the late-night Large parties with DJs continue.  No consequences: Other than new cases of C19, as have been reported recently (see today’s Darien Times article quoting the Milbrook Club and other transparent Clubs).

Other communities in Connecticut, NY & RI share a respectful goal: get C19 cases to zero: no large gatherings, and strict social distancing – for the good of the Community. Why not Greenwich?

Rob Pastore