MOSS: Close to $1,000 Worth of Signs for Greenwich Voices for Democracy Stolen

Submitted by Cheryl Moss

Some of you may or may not have seen these signs in town this week.

I say “may or may not” because Greenwich Voices for Democracy (GVFD) placed over 100 of these signs throughout town this week and within a 48-hour period all but a few were stolen, often replaced directly with those of a Republican candidate. That is to close to $1,000 worth of stolen signs. Replaced signs were stolen almost as quick as they were put out.

Although the theft of political signs during campaign season has become commonplace in Greenwich (with the vast majority of those being Democratic signs), this is different given the magnitude and targeted approach of this attack.

Signs from Greenwich Voices for Democracy.

Theft of any kind is inexcusable as it is a crime, and stealing signs is also an infringement on one’s First Amendment right of freedom of speech and expression. However, I understand that it is impossible and not prudent to allocate police resources to each of these individual thefts throughout town.
Obviously, these signs are different than the typical political signs you may be used to seeing around town.

Signs from Greenwich Voices for Democracy.

Some people are not happy about the message on these signs. They don’t want Greenwich residents to realize that the Greenwich Republican Candidates and the CT GOP are linked, not only through their silence and complicity, but also their policies, to Trump and Trumpism.

GVFD is calling out the clear threat that the Greenwich Republican state candidates pose for Greenwich residents. They have been hiding their true beliefs, posing as moderate candidates when they are no different from the Party of Trump. They have refused to promise to protect a women’s right to choose, gay rights or the ACA even though Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination is underway right now, during this election. These Republican candidates threaten to bring their extreme Trump agenda to Hartford, and those stealing our signs want to silence that message.

Signs from Greenwich Voices for Democracy.

If you haven’t seen them yet –keep an eye out. Hundreds more signs will be put out. When all those signs get stolen, that will amount to thousands of dollars of stolen property. That’s third-degree larceny in CT (a Class D felony offense, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine). (Conn. Code – Section. 53a-124.)

At their request, a report is filed with our great Greenwich Police Dept, whom we have always fully supported. It is no longer a minor offense, and it will not be overlooked.

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