MOOR: Parents know Better? Or is it really Only Republican politicians know it all?

Submitted by Anthony Moor, Greenwich RTM D7

Have you seen that sign on street corners in Greenwich recently.  “Parents Know Better than Politicians. Vote Republican.”

This is especially galling. It hides the fact that Republicans denounce politicians’ work only when it doesn’t serve their ends.

 On school issues, Democrats have backed non-legislative ways, such as community dialogue and education to improve curriculum and foster respectful social behavior.

ONLY Republican politicians have sought to outlaw curriculum or behavior which doesn’t fit their beliefs.

  • “Don’t Say Gay” laws similar to what passed in Florida
  • Outlawing what schools teach in history, health, science and more
  • Prohibiting through state law the open critique of economic, governmental and social systems, such as Marxism or capitalism
  • Banning books
  • Limiting teacher speech 
  • What next?

So do Republicans really trust parents? They’re gaslighting all of us. They want us to elect Republican politicians to make it impossible for anyone but them to have any say in what education is at all.

Anthony Moor, Greenwich RTM D7