LWV: Use of debate videotape may not be used without the League’s express written approval.

Statement from the Greenwich League of Women Voters

It has come to my attention that some are using video clips from the recent debate held by the League of Women Voters to promote or to disparage political candidates for local office on social media.

The League debate on Thursday night was held under the auspices of the LWV Greenwich Educational Fund, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan IRS approved entity. This legal status requires nonpartisan behavior. 

That’s why, in organizing the debates, we asked both political parties to agree to uphold the following statement:  

Recording of League debates, whether they be in-person or taken from a computer screen, may not be used without the League’s express written approval.  The League will only allow audio/video of this event to be broadcast in its entirety, except by the media reporting the event.

Both parties agreed.  

The League has approved the distribution of the entire unedited debate tape to inform voters. 

In addition, we have approved candidates’ use of their 2-minute closing statement provided there is no League signage in the video and that they post the debate in its entirety as well on their website or other social media, which they control.  We have not approved anything else.

We are asking anyone with plans to share the debate videotape contrary to this guidance to reconsider. 

The League adds the most value to our community when it is understood by those at both ends of the political spectrum that it is nonpartisan.  

This is a hard fought election, but it’s our collective responsibility to protect civil discourse.  We hope we can count on the community’s support.

Sandy Waters
LWV Greenwich